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This webpage is dedicated to sharing my personal experiences with erection problems and impotence, in the hope that I can help other people to combat this troubling issue, just as I have done.

I have posted some general research information that I have collected over an extensive period on impotence, virility drugs, erectile dysfunction and treatment options to enhance virility, which you can find to the left of this report. I am very interested in exchanging ideas and experiences concerning virility and look forward to your constructive feedback.

I have overcome erectile dysfunction naturally and have experienced no side-effects whatsoever.

For me, the fear of failure became a self-fulfilling prophecy, creating a nasty vicious circle.

I attribute the erectile dysfunction that I experienced in the past to increasing pressure at work and an existential crisis I was going through. These stresses manifest themselves differently in each individual. Some will become more prone to infections, others will become a bit depressed; in my case, I ended up with erectile dysfunction. Up until my mid-40s, I had never experienced any sexual-related problems at all. Furthermore, when the problems started, there had been no change in my sexual behaviour and I desired my wife with no less intensity. The painful thing of course was that I was just not able to show her properly.

I therefore resorted to the standard virility enhancement drugs you can get from the pharmacy but I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of taking the active ingredient sildenafil. Even the slightest dosage (a quarter of a tablet) produced the sensation that my head was on fire. Soon afterwards I would get a headache and my heart would race. I determined that this method was not suitable for me but, of course, each person reacts differently.

What proved most helpful in my case were natural amino acids, especially L-arginine in combination with L-ornithine. I had found out that certain amino acids can increase virility from a close friend of mine who has been living in the US for the past few years. He sent me a nutritional supplement containing amino acids and other nutrients that are very helpful in treating impotence. This supplement is said to enhance virility when taken over a long period of time.

Even though there has been increased reporting on the benefits of amino acids for the human body, this knowledge, especially with regard to virility enhancement, is hardly widespread. When amino acids are mentioned, it is usually in connection with body building rather than erectile dysfunction.

The amino acid combination that I received from the US contained many different amino acids that were intended more for body building. For this reason I was very pleased when I learned that there is an amino acid product on the UK market that is especially formulated to treat erectile dysfunction. This product can also increase the virility of healthy men who do not suffer from impotency problems.

In the meantime, I have been able to gradually decrease the dosage. In fact, I am convinced that I no longer require additional amino acids to develop a lasting erection. I take the amino acids because they make me feel good. Even my blood pressure, has dropped.

I am happy to have discovered natural amino acids as an alternative to chemical virility enhancement medicines. Long gone are the days when I feared becoming completely impotent and worried about the effects this would have on my marriage.

If you have had similar experiences or experiences of a completely different sort, why not contact me via e-mail? I would also be pleased to help answer your questions and hear your ideas on the subject of impotence and erectile dysfunction.

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June 2012

Hi again,

Sorry I haven’t written on here for a while. I’ve still been answering your mails though.

Just to keep you updated as some of you have expressly asked- my sexual performance is still fine and my blood pressure is still low! I have also still been able to keep the reduced level amino acid dosage, so it’s all thumbs up from my end right now. A lot of you still write to me with your queries and I am always glad to be able to share tips on this difficult topic. I certainly know how embarrassing and frustrating it can be and how it is to be surrounded by people and still not know the right way to approach this delicate issue. Anyway, just drop me a line if you like and I’ll answer whenever I can.

Stay strong gentlemen!

October 2010

I’ve been using this site for a good few years now. I admittedly haven’t always felt like dedicating that much time to it, as I don’t want to constantly think about impotence and be a daily blogger, but I nevertheless collect information on the subject fairly regularly and am more than willing to present the information here.

In this regard, the amino acid arginine has been proven to increase the quality and quantity of sperm, if taken regularly. Scientific studies often cite arginine and its positive benefits in conjunction with fertility treatments. Personally, I’m no longer concerned about family planning, as I am over that stage in my life, but I will of course gladly pass on any information on this issue to you.

Whenever I receive e-mail correspondence, it appears that besides discussing virility issues, there is a genuine interest in finding out about me as a person. I therefore decided to write a few words about myself in the new section.

Kind regards,


December 2009

Lately, I have been getting a lot of questions about a virility drug by the name of Prelox. I must start by saying I haven’t actually tried this drug because I no longer have erectile dysfunction.

In any case I prefer to stick with the methods and products that have helped me and that I know best.
I have however, taken a very thorough look at the information provided by the website and have also done some further internet research to find out if this supplier is reputable.

It seems that this product also contains arginine but I was unable to find out anything about the exact composition or the quality of the ingredients. It is therefore impossible to judge the efficacy of this virility drug without knowing the amount of arginine used, what the combination is- or which vitamins and minerals it contains. An assurance from the manufacturer that the product works well is just not enough for me even when sources are indicated, because you can’t be sure of their authenticity.

The website’s claims are quite aggressive and going for the hard sell in my opinion. I don’t know, but I imagine a reputable provider would probably not resort to such measures. The customer testimonials might not be authentic either. Another bad sign was that I was unable to locate an imprint section on the website. Perhaps it is just well-hidden, but this surely doesn’t give the best impression.

In short: I can’t make any judgments on the effect of Prelox because detailed information is not available. If I were to take this missing website information as an indication of the manufacturer’s reliability, I’d have to say that I wouldn’t recommend the company.

If this does not alarm you, by all means, go ahead and try it so that you can judge for yourself, especially if the products that you have obtained from other manufacturers have not had the desired effect in your case. But do consider that the price of £33 for a 2-week supply of Prelox, is very high.

Best regards,

August 2009

I would like to address a topic that comes up once in a while: is it safe to order amino acids over the internet?

I believe that whether or not the product is indeed authentic fundamentally depends on the provider. For this reason, I order my capsules directly from the manufacturer. That way you are most likely to avoid any potential fraudsters who may be out there. I am unable to report on the reliability of other manufacturers because I don’t have any personal experiences with them.

Best regards,

February 2009

Some of my readers have drawn my attention to rumours that have been circulating about the need to take several grams of the amino acid arginine daily to increase one’s virility.

Based upon my own experience, I can’t really confirm this. In my opinion, apart from the amount of arginine taken, you have to keep an eye on the amino acid ratio. The combination of B vitamins is also crucial. In other words, taking a lot of arginine is not necessarily going to make a difference if the body cannot absorb it properly.

There are several reputable products on the UK market that offer the appropriate composition of the amino acids arginine and ornithine together with B vitamins. For this reason, I don’t bother trying to mix the individual components myself. I just don’t have the required skill or the experience to trust myself with this.

I am of course available for any further questions on impotence and erectile dysfunction at the following address:

Look forward to hearing from you soon,


May 2008:

There has been an overwhelming response to my website and I would like to take this opportunity to respond to some of the frequently asked questions.

  • The main target group for amino acids as a nutritional supplement are body builders. The range of products in this market is vast and it is not easy to navigate your way through them. From what I can gather, the products on offer are not designed to increase virility. The market for natural amino acids is specifically intended to help men combat such problems is clearly defined. Unfortunately, there are only a few suppliers in the UK that offer a combination of the important amino acids L-arginine and L-ornithine, especially in connection with B vitamins.
  • Natural amino acids do not work spontaneously as it takes several weeks of use to restore metabolic balance and to stimulate blood circulation to the penis. However, as soon as the individually appropriate amino acid levels have been reached, the effects are permanent. Taking chemical virility drugs or using mechanical measures can be ruled out completely and it is definitely worth the wait in my opinion. Once the amino acid store has been balanced, it isn’t essential to continue taking the natural amino acids, unless, like me, you are interested in the other benefits that they bring along with them, such as helping you to sleep more deeply and have stronger hair etc.

Don’t hesitate to contact me at the following address if you have any further questions on impotence and erectile dysfunction: